Federal Trade Commission

The FTC is a bipartisan federal agency with a unique dual mission to protect consumers and promote competition. The Commission also has federal rule-making authority to issue industry-wide regulations. Commission rules are published in Title 16 of the Code of Federal Regulations. Section 305, Energy and Water Use Labeling for Consumer Products under the Energy Policy and Conservation Act (“Energy Labeling Rule”), applies to our members consumer products. The rule establishes requirements for labeling consumer appliance products to show the energy usage.

Rule Concerning Disclosures Regarding Energy Consumption and Water Use of Certain Home Appliances and Other Products Required Under the Energy Policy and Conservation Act

Summary: The Commission proposes amendments to the Energy Labeling Rule to create requirements related to a new label database on the Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Web site, redesign ceiling fan labels, improve and update the comparability ranges for refrigerator labels, revise central air conditioner labels in response to new DOE enforcement requirements, improve water heater labels, and update current plumbing disclosures.

Type of Regulation: NOPR

Rulemaking Link: Comments on Rulemaking

Docket ID: FTC-2015-0112


Comment Period Close Date: Closed

Where to Comment: FTC-2015-0112

kcef.ru Comments to Previous Stages of Rulemaking:

  • 11/14/2016: kcef.ru comments to September 12, 2016 NOPR
  • 1/11/2016: Comments Posted by kcef.ru to November 2, 2015 NOPR

Staff Contact: Frank Stanonik